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City issues further alerts on high water levels and potential flooding

·         Rains appear to be temporarily easing off, but flooding risk is expected to continue, especially during high tides, until this storm system passes through. A smaller system is expected on Thursday.

·         High tide was at 8:05 this morning, and the Campbell River flow did not rise above the banks.

·         We are continuing to monitor lake and river flows with BC Hydro.

·         At this point there is some localized flooding throughout the community that crews continue to respond to. We have stockpiled sand and sandbags to assist in shoring up the river bank if water levels continue to rise.

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·         Last night, Search and Rescue completed a door-to-door notification within the potential flood zone along the Campbell River (between Willow and Maple streets and in the low-lying area bordered by Redwood, Petersen and 16th Ave.) to advise people of the potential for flooding and to talk about precautionary measures to protect their property.

·         Sand and sandbags are available through the City’s Dogwood Operations Centre to help people protect their property. People must fill their own sandbags and should bring along a shovel to 385 S. Dogwood Street.

·         Emergency calls for water, sewer or road service, please phone 250-286-4033.

·         16th Ave. between Ironwood and Maple remains closed due to flooding.

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·         Crews have set out barricades to mark water on the road at the following locations:

·         16th around Maple and west

·         Hwy. 19A at the base of the hill near Hidden Harbour

·         Alder and 7th

·         Willis Road

·         14th and Cedar Intersection

·         12th from Dogwood to Greenwood

·         We expect river levels to be high for up to two weeks after this storm system passes, and people are advised to be extra cautious of rivers running higher and faster than normal.

– Contributed by the City of Campbell River.

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