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BC Hydro's dams are safe

Right now there are rumors circulating about the safety of dams in the Campbell River system.
BC Hydro’s Stephen Watson says rumors of cracks or compromises are completely false.
Watson says the reservoirs are almost at capacity, but so far they have been able to find a balance between water coming in and spilling it down stream.
The Upper Campbell Reservoir/Buttle Lake is at 221.25 m. BC Hydro continues to provide high spill levels through the system. The current discharge from the John Hart facilities is 435 m3/s and this type of flow discharge will be maintained for days to lower the Upper Campbell Reservoir/Buttle Lake below 220.5 m. Once that level is achieved the spill will be decreased but continue to lower the reservoir level down to restore the winter flood buffer – around the 219 m level. The total Campbell River flow at the Quinsam confluence is 570 m3/s when the 135 m3/s from the Quinsam River is added in.
The public is advised to stay away from the Campbell River through next week so that BC Hydro can bring reservoir levels back were they typically should be for time of year and to prepare for future storm systems.
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