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New artwork in the downtown

A splash of color has been added to the downtown as two large utility boxes got covered in art last week. City Utility Projects Supervisor, Natalie Viau, says the boxes, on 13 Ave. just up from Shoppers Row got decals showing paintings made by a local artist on them. Viau says the decals cost about $7,500 and that cost is shared by the Campbell River Arts Council, the City Parks Recreation and Culture Department and the Utilities Department. The decals are hoped to prevent graffiti and Viau says they have a special coating that makes it easier to wash graffiti off, all that’s needed is soap and water. She says they hope to recoup the cost of putting the decals on in reduced labor costs of cleaning up graffiti. Utility boxes at Hilchey Rd. and Dogwood St. are set to be covered in art as well. 2013_campbell_river_utility_box_2  2013_campbell_river_utility_box_3

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