CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – The City of Campbell River has installed two 40km/hour trial signs in two residential areas.

According to the city’s news release, one is in the Quinsam Heights neighbourhood, and the other is in the North Penfield neighbourhood.

Drivers coming into Quinsam Heights will see one of the signs posted as they turn off Petersen Road onto Cheviot Road, Hopton Road and Kathleen Road, as well as Spruce Street hill, prior to Treelane Road. Those turning into North Penfield will see the sign when they turn into Penfield Road from Juniper Drive, Meadowbrook Drive, and Fern Drive.

“At the July 30 meeting, council approved lowering the speed limit in these two neighbourhoods for improved safety and livability. Lower speed limits should encourage more walking and cycling, especially in areas without sidewalks,” said Drew Hadfield, the city’s director of operations. Hadfield also said Quinsam Heights and North Penfield are accessed through local streets with low traffic volumes and low speeds, have school zones, playground zones or bike routes, which means the city will be able to assess the effects of lower speeds on a variety of activities.

The city encourages residents to contact the transportation department through with concerns or additional feedback regarding the new speed limit.

The city selected the two neighbourhoods because they require few sign changes, which allows reduced speed limits to go into effect immediately.