CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – The three-day budget deliberations are finished and the Campbell River will see a tax raise of 2.55% in 2019.

According to a release from the city, the property tax increase is in line with the council’s budget parameter, which predicted a rise between 2 and 3.5%. This puts Campbell River in the mid-range of tax rates in other similarly-sized communities across the province.

The tax increase is to help the city cover costs of maintaining the contract with the RCMP, transit, and solid waste services.

The new 10-year budget maintains over 100 existing city services, and provides approximately $78 million for operations, and another $35 million for capital projects.

$11.7 million is allocated to renew Campbell River’s ageing infrastructure over the next 10 years. The funding for this will come through a $190, 000 incremental tax levy each year.

2019 will see an additional building inspector for the city, which will alleviate the building applications backlog. There will also be an additional RCMP officer to address community safety concerns.

Other projects include the following:

  • Road improvements on Highway 19A from Simms Creek to Rockland Road, with construction beginning in 2020
  • Campbellton entrance and planning work
  • Elk Falls cemetery expansion
  • Downtown washroom improvements
  • Additional bus shelters
  • Willis Road pedestrian upgrades
  • Bus pull-out on Dogwood Street at Carihi High
  • Sportsplex roof replacement and rehabilitation
  • Ongoing community infrastructure renewal for sewer, water, roads and storm drains

The city council will formally adopt the budget through a bylaw on December 17th.