CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – Numbers for the latest alert test for the Strathcona Regional District (SRD) have been released.

According to a release, Connect Rocket notified 17, 931 phone numbers across 17 notification lists.

86.3% of the notifications were registered as complete, either because they were picked up or answered by a machine. 5% of the notifications went unanswered, 1.1% rang busy, and 7.6% of the notifications failed.

The failed notifications were because the numbers were disconnected after they’d been put into the system. A small percentage of the failed notifications encountered “application error” messages, but Connect Rocket staff and the SRD are currently working on the issue.

An additional 600 numbers were also put into the emergency notification system.

The SRD also wrote in the release that the Connect Rocket number may show up as “Unknown Number” and as a result, some residents may not pick up. The district advised that people should save the Connect Rocket number, which is 778-762-3201.

Connect Rocket is the Strathcona Regional District’s emergency alert provider, which is different from Alert Ready, the Canada-wide alert program. Local governments and municipalities are required to establish ways to communicate with residents in the event of an emergency or impending disaster.