CAMPBELL RIVER, BC – Volunteers with the Lost and Found Animals of Campbell River found two coonhounds on Wednesday.

Now, they’re looking for the dogs’ owner. 

According to Kathy Touhey, residents usually know who has a certain breed of dog in the city, especially when it’s not a breed that everyone has.

But Touhey said no one seems to know who the two hounds belong to, and she said that the volunteers are worried.

“We don’t know if they were out running in the bush with them (the dogs) and has fallen,” Touhey said.

The hounds were found separately. The first was found along Hamm Rd and the other was found near the airport, along Jubilee Pkwy and Hwy 19. Touhey said that the dogs only have plastic collars on.

The one found along Hamm Rd is female with a green plastic collar, and the one found along Jubilee Pkwy is male with a blue plastic collar.

“Normally, if they were out tracking, they would have GPS collars on but they don’t. There’s no information, nothing.”

Touhey confirmed that the dogs are healthy and safe and are with handlers who also own coonhounds.

“A couple of fellows that are holding the dogs have searched all the way from Courtenay to Campbell River, but we just can’t find anybody who might own these dogs.”

She added that they just want to make sure the owner is in good health. Those who may have information regarding the coonhounds’ owner can contact the volunteers with Lost and Found Animals of Campbell River.