CAMPBELL RIVER, BC – Parking is an ongoing issue in the City of Campbell River.

This time, it has to do with trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles.

In a report, city staff determined there are 465 boat and utility trailers, RVs and passenger vehicles parked on city boulevards and streets.

But this is because there is limited storage aside from owners’ properties.

The report was first started because Campbell River resident Bruce Woytuik proposed that the city’s parking bylaw enforcement be more proactive rather than reactive. Currently, bylaw enforcement is on a complaint basis, meaning that a complaint must be filed before anything is done.

The city has two parking bylaws in residential areas:

“No person shall park a vehicle:

4(20) on a street or boulevard in excess of 48 hours

4(1) on the inside of a curb regardless of whether-or-not it has a sidewalk)”

City staff gave council four options:

  • to continue enforcing parking restrictions on a complaint basis,
  • to start proactively enforcing parking restrictions once a year starting immediately,
  • enforcing parking restrictions twice a year starting immediately,
  • issue warnings and provide residents at least six months to arrange for storage before enforcing parking restrictions.

The report added that if council chose to proactively enforce parking restrictions, that they should give residents six months to find and arrange for storage before fining them.

The matter will be discussed further in another meeting with council members.