CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – For the second time in just over a week, the Campbell River Fire Department had to extinguish a fire along Argonaut Road.

On Monday afternoon, firefighters were called to an unattended campfire.

This comes less than a week after an extensive brush fire in the same area.

Just before 3:00pm, the department received a call about the fire that was spreading, roughly 500 metres from hydro lines.

“The fire was next to a remote bike trail, and crews had to hike quite a distance to reach it,” Chief Thomas Doherty said. “We had the advantage of BC Hydro being in the area with the access gate open, which helped crews get there as quickly as possible.”

By the time crews arrived, the fire was about one metre by two metres.

After putting the fire out crews remained on the scene to monitor the area and ensure the fire would not rekindle with dry conditions.

“Especially in these hot, dry and sometimes windy conditions, we are again reminding everyone of the danger of leaving any open flame unattended. To prevent fires from spreading, it’s extremely important that people properly prepare and fully extinguish recreational fires,” Doherty emphasizes.

“Key steps include building an appropriate fire ring to contain a campfire, and making sure they’re fully extinguished before you leave.”

Recreational fires are still permitted, but the department is closely monitoring conditions.

Fire bans could be put in place if the weather continues to be hot and dry, which places the Campbell River area in a high risk of wildfire.

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