CAMPBELL RIVER, BC – Nick Templeman says it was a cool sight to see.

That sight was a rare white killer whale.

Templeman owns and operates Campbell River Whale & Bear Excursions. He says he just finished a tour on Saturday when he got word that a pod of whales was coming down through Seymour Narrows, north of Campbell River.

He and some friends went to the area and saw the pod pass by.

But one of them was silver with white markings, which is rare to witness.

“It’s pretty cool. It was different to photograph and different to watch,” Templeman said.

He adds the pod is also rare in this area.

“The gang itself is unique. They’re not what we call an inner coastal transient gang. They’re not ones that stay on the inside coast a lot.”

“So for myself and Campbell River, that’s at least three seasons of anyone seeing them.”

The silvery white orca has been given the designation T46-B1B and also goes by the name Tl’uk, a Coast Salish word for ‘moon.’

He says the killer whale is elusive and many people want to see at least a glimpse.

“It’s good to get the word out. But is he going to show up again? They’ve dispersed now, and we just follow sightings up and down the coast. But as far as seeing him again, I don’t know.”