CAMPBELL RIVER, BC – The intersection between Highway 19A and Maryland Road is about to get a traffic light.

Residents in the area have been asking for traffic lights at the intersection for quite some time.

Council approved the installation of the lights in December 2017, but staff needed the time to design the intersection as well as signalling before they can put out a tender. 

The council approved the tender and now the lights are about three to four months away from installation. 

Traffic studies have shown that the Highway 19A and Maryland Rd intersection needed an intersection. The area has experienced some densification in recent years and residents have brought up safety as a big concern in the area. 

Councillor Charlie Cornfield acknowledged this is something the council is looking forward to getting done. 

“There’s going to be a lot of happy people down in the Maryland subdivision,” he said. 

The City of Campbell River will put out a notice before installation in case work disrupts traffic.