CAMPBELL RIVER, BC – The City of Campbell River will be reviewing traffic safety along the Dogwood corridor.

This is after residents and business owners at Merecroft Village sent a letter to council, bringing up the need to calm traffic as well as the need for a new crosswalk in the area around South Dogwood and Cortez Road.

Mayor Andy Adams brought up that the previous council asked for a Dogwood corridor review, but the city’s general manager of assets and operations says they are still doing the review. 

During Monday’s meeting, council received the letter.

“I live in that area, and it’s increasingly getting more and more dangerous. We’re seeing a lot of left hand turns coming off that road, even though the road is double-lined, where you’re not supposed to be crossing that median,” Councillor Michele Babchuk said. (1:33)

“I do have concerns that as we densify that, it is getting more and more dangerous. I don’t know exactly what the further plan is in terms of densification in that area but before we get there, I really do believe we need to be taking a look at especially that piece between Merecroft and Robron so that we’re doing our due diligence around that.”

Councillor Babchuk thanked Neall Calvert and the co-signers of the letter for bringing the issue to council. She adds the solutions he proposes may not be options for the city, but she says it’s important that a member of the community brought it up.

Councillor Charlie Cornfield suggested that instead of waiting for the full Dogwood corridor report, that a separate report on the area between Merecroft and Cortez Road be done. 

But Councillor Colleen Evans says issues like this shouldn’t be looked at in isolation. In order to make an informed decision, a full report on the area is needed. 

There is no word yet on when the Dogwood corridor review will be released, but the city’s General Manager of Assets and Operations Dave Morris says it will be soon.