Transit riders will either see an increase or decrease in what they pay to get around.

Campbell River has given BC Transit its approval on proposed rate changes coming into effect April of next year.

The review has made cash fares $2. This remains the same for adults and post-secondary students, with non-post-secondary students and seniors paying $0.25 more per trip.

Day passes will only affect adults with a decrease of $0.50 per day to $4, the current rate for students and seniors.

Monthly passes are going down for college students from $44 to $35 and for seniors from $42 to $35. Adults will see an increase of $3, from $52 to $55 per month.

The semester pass rate for non-post-secondary students is changing from $85 per semester to $115. Post-secondary students’ semester rate will be $115 as well, decreasing from $135.

Users of the accessible, door-to-door HandyDART shared transit system will see rates go down. Rides on the system will decrease to $2 from the current $2.50, the same rate riders will be paying on the conventional bus system.

For more information on Campbell River’s transit system, visit this website.