An iPhone was stolen from a Victoria hospital parkade Thursday night and its owner is asking for help from the public to find it.

The phone contains invaluable photos and audio clips belonging to a Campbell River family.

Diane Palmer made a Facebook post Friday regarding the theft of her daughter Shyanne’s rose gold iPhone 7.

Shyanne Palmer borrowed her mother’s car to visit her partner, Evan Heslop, who is recovering from a November 28th work-related chainsaw accident.

The car was broken into at the Royal Jubilee Hospital parking lot at some point on the evening of December 5th.

“The car had been broken into and everything was just ransacked,” Palmer says. “She realized after that she was missing her iPhone 7. It’s an older phone that she no longer uses but it had really important information on it that was very sentimental.”

It does not give much value to a thief since it is an older phone, Palmer added, but Shyanne is upset as she has lost the only photos of her late son Corbin and an audio recording of his heartbeat.

There are also photos of her late grandmother and her son Ashton’s first months in the photo library that was not backed up to iCloud.

Palmer shared the phone’s lock screen is a photo from Shyanne and Evan’s maternity shoot.

The family is hoping that getting the word out may help someone recognize the phone and return it to them.