Campbell River Motocross is ringing in the new year with changes to its course.

Located on Hwy. 28, the outdoor track has seen some new upgrades completed well before racing season.

Doug Ling, vice-president of Campbell River Motocross, said the organization “usually tries to make little changes every year to keep it fresh for the riders.”

This year was a little different, with major changes made.

Due to safety concerns, a rotting bridge installed back in 2004 has been removed.

“There was an over/under bridge that was getting unsafe, so we had to tear it down and re-build the track to re-incorporate the changes,” Ling said.

A new jump for riders was also added into a section of the track.

Caliber Bridge and Design donated equipment, including an excavator and rock truck, to help complete the upgrades.

The racing season is slated to start at the end of March, with the Campbell River Motocross Track hosting The Vancouver Island Motocross Association (VIMX) Island Championship Series on Apr. 11th – 12th (Round 2) and Sept. 12th – 13th (Round 8).

More information regarding the upcoming racing season can be found on the Campbell River Motocross Facebook page

An excavator was donated to help complete the work (Supplied by Campbell River Motocross/Facebook)

A new jump for riders has been added to the course (Supplied by Campbell River Motocross/Facebook)