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Paying it forward

While attending their summer camp, Junior Canadian Rangers from the fourth Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (the Ontario border to the BC Coast) conducted “Pay It Forward” community service volunteer work in the Comox Valley in partnership with the Rotary Club of Cumberland Centennial.

2015 is the first year the JCRs have come to the Comox Valley. With the help of the Village of Cumberland’s Parks Manager, the group connected with the Rotary Club.

The work in Orchard Park was a win – win for both organizations, with the JCR’s and supporting adults working hard alongside Cumberland Rotarians.

The JCR’s live in small, remote communities, so the need for community-minded young adults with a volunteer background is growing.

Captain Scott Macdonald, Commanding Officer of the JCRs said that the lessons learned from doing hard, but valuable work in partnership with the Rotary Club cannot be underestimated.

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