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Fuel restrictions lifting as State of Emergency is extending

BCers will be able to put more than 30L of fuel in their tanks starting Wednesday.

The order limiting fuel consumption has been in place since November 19th, for non-essential travel in the wake of a post-flood supply chain fallout.

The province says that the fuel shipments that have been received by barge and truck, in combination with the re-opening of the Trans Mountain Pipeline allow the fuel restrictions to come to a close.

This news came in a statement saying the Provincial State of Emergency order has been extended for BC.

Minister of Transportation, Rob Fleming says the order will stay in place until Highways 3 and 99 on the mainland are fully reopened.

“Until we can get these highways open, this order will have to stay in place,” says Fleming. “I am grateful to the people putting in tireless, around-the-clock work to fix our roadways so that people can safely get the goods and services they need.”

Currently, essential travel restrictions are in place on sections of both of those highways. Highway 3 from Highway 5 in Hope to Princeton and the junction of Highway 99 and Lillooet River Road to the BC Hydro Seton Lake Campsite access in Lillooet

The State of Emergency order allows the government to use “extraordinary powers to protect people and communities.”

The new end date for the State of Emergency is December 28th.

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