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Many BC couples argue about home energy, says BC Hydro

Many couples in BC are dealing with a lot of power struggles, according to new BC Hydro research.

The survey, conducted on behalf of BC Hydro, finds that 26 per cent of British Columbians currently in relationships have regular disagreements on home energy use.

The most common disagreements include heating and cooling, the overall home temperature being too hot or cold, or their partner letting cold air in by keeping a door or window open.

Also common is failing to turn lights and electronics off – as almost two-thirds have argued about lights being left on when leaving a room and over a quarter have argued about leaving the TV on. Water is also an issue as 16 percent said they have argued with their partner because they used all the hot water for showering or bathing, among other uses.

Night time seems to be the time of conflict as that’s when 52 percent of couples have these arguments.

As a way to keep the peace, BC Hydro is recommending that couples take some temperature recommendations and consider using a heat pump. Other energy saving suggestions include skipping the heat dry function in the dishwasher and draft proofing windows and doors.

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