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Hunter Village Films ordered to pay expenses by tribunal 

A Civil Resolution Tribunal has awarded over $1,000 to an actor for services and accommodation. 

Amir Gill says he acted in a film being produced by Hunter Village Films but claims the company did not live up to their end of the bargain for compensation.  

According to the judgement from the Civil Resolution Tribunal, Gill was seeking compensation for 13 nights spent on Vancouver Island, unpaid per diem, ferry expenses, and accommodations on the Lower Mainland.  

The report says shooting was expensive, and on top of the promised expenses he [Gill] says he should get paid for shooting fees. 

“This totals $1,393,” the report says. “Mr. Gill also says that Hunter Village owes him for two days of shooting in addition to these expenses, and based off his total claim of $1.893, I infer he claims $500 for the shooting fees.” 

According to the tribunal, it ordered Hunter Village Films to pay Gill $1,123.55 in the final judgement and gave the company 21 days to pay.  

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