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Three mayoral candidates answer tough questions at public forum

The race is now really on as each of the mayoral candidates has had a chance to make their views public at Sunday’s public forum hosted by the Campbell River Seniors’ Center Society.
One hot topic was finances.
Andy Adams highlighted the fact Campbell River has been hit hard.
Walter Jakeway who has advocated for tax cuts says efficiency must be found, and adds monthly financial reports are needed.
Meanwhile Steve Wood talked about his plan for a comprehensive organizational core review.
Wood did suggest with buy in from senior management tax savings could be found, best case close to a zero for the next year.
Another audience member’s questions focused on work hours, and how many hours each candidate would put into the job.
Walter Jakeway says the mayors job is not to sit in his office rather it is to be at functions in town.
Jakeway added that the “… mayor is paid to socialize.”
Meanwhile candidate Steve Wood took aim at Jakeway.

Wood emphasized he sees the mayor’s job as a full time seven days a week commitment.

Andy Adams said he would like to bring back an open door policy.

Adams added that he will talk with and listen to city council and the city manager.
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