The City of Campbell River is asking the court to shut down two marijuana dispensaries in the community. The city has filed legal proceedings for a Court order.

City Clerk Peter Wipper says the challenge the city is facing is that store front dispensaries are illegal under Federal law.

“Initially when these operations opened, we spoke to the operators and explained that they don’t meet our current zoning regulations or business license regulations – in fact, there’s no zone within the city that allows this, and it wouldn’t, because currently they’re not allowed federally”, he says.

Wipper notes that while the Federal government has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana, store front dispensaries are still against the law. “City council recognizes the benefits of medical marijuana…and it’s certainly prepared to make necessary zoning and business license bylaw amendments once the federal and provincial laws have changed but that hasn’t happened yet.”

WeeMedical in Campbell River has until Tuesday, April 18th to file a response.