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Organization Promotes Wildlife Habitats On North Island

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation is giving fishing and wildlife a boost on the North Island.

The organization announced it will begin accepting applications for the North Island Conservation Fund, which totals $350,000.

H.C.T.F CEO Brian Springinotic says the fund was created after Neucel was convicted of polluting waters in Port Alice.

“We’re making the funding available to communities on the North Island because that’s what the court has directed us to do. There was a prosecution relating to a pulp mill spill in Port Alice and when it came to sentencing, the presiding judge, as part of the sentencing, made sure the mill would pay us $174,000.”

Springinotic also notes H.C.T.F matched the payment and more, and says “if we can put this money back into communities and into habitat in and around those communities, I think everyone will be a winner.”

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