CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C.-Rachel Blaney says the NDP has a “lot of energy” heading into next year’s federal election. That’s the North Island-Powell River MP’s thoughts after the party’s convention in Ottawa last weekend.

Blaney says over 2000 people attended, which was the biggest turnout for an NDP policy convention ever. She said the attendees were a diverse group and she says it was “wonderful” to see a large number of younger people there.

Among the issues discussed were a national pharmacare plan and the benefits of free post-secondary tuition. Blaney says tax fairness was another hot topic:

She says she also held a discussion on making housing a right in Canada:

Blaney added making housing a right in Canada is about creating the framework to ensure affordable housing is available everywhere.  She put forth a private members’ bill last year to address the issue but it was defeated.

During the convention a leadership review was done as well, which saw Jagmeet Singh get 91 per cent support.