CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C.-The City of Campbell River paid its employees a total of $18.6 million in wages last year. That’s up $1.11 million compared to 2016.

The numbers come from the city’s 2017 Statement of Financial Information, which was presented to city council at its last meeting. The $18.6 million includes the $203,092 paid to city council and the $8,883,259 paid to the 87 employees who made more than $75,000.

Table showing city council’s wages and expenses in 2017 provided by the City of Campbell River

When it comes to council, Mayor Andy Adams was paid $63,420 plus expenses, while each of the six other councillors was paid $23,279 plus expenses. The city’s highest paid employee was City Manager Deborah Sargent, who earned $188,862 plus expenses.

The city says the increase in payouts from 2016 to 2017 can be chalked up to things like collective and wage agreements, and staff increases to accommodate things like growing demand for fire protection, building inspection, and police services.

Here is a list of all the City of Campbell River employees who made at least $100,000 in 2017:

BAIKIE, IAN, Fire Chief, $152,346
BAKER, JOHN, Fire Captain, $132,357
BELLEFLEUR, KELLY, Deputy Fire Chief, $129,922
BOWLES, RONALD, GM, Corporate Services, $142,155
BROVOLD, ELLE, Property Manager, $105,903
DAWSON, KEN, Fire Captain, $140,313
DOHERTY, THOMAS, Deputy Fire Chief, $136,060
DUMONT, STEWART, Firefighter, $115,672
DUMONT, MICHAEL, Fire Prevention Inspector, $105,837
EPPLER, ANDREW, Firefighter, $109,099
FOORT, MYRIAH, Finance Manager, $110,770
HADFIELD, ANDREW, Transportation Manager, $115,768
HARTLEY, JASON, Capital Works Manager, $127,543
HILDEBRAND, SETH, Firefighter, $104,598
HOLBROOK, BRUCE, Firefighter, $119,350
IDIENS, CRAIG, Firefighter, $101,697
KALYN, WARREN, Information Technology Manager, $115,153
KLUKAS, ROSE, Economic Development Officer, $113,887
KRATZMANN, SCOTT, Firefighter, $111,124
LAGOS, DAVID, Firefighter, $112,693
MCKENZIE, MARK, Fire Captain, $135,835
MORRIS, DAVID, GM, Facilities & Supply Management, $156,292
NEUFELD, RONALD, Deputy City Manager, $159,975
PENDERGAST, LEE, Firefighter, $108,220
PETERS, JENNIFER, Utilities Manager, $114,973
SARGENT, DEBORAH, City Manager, $188,862
SAXBY, TYLER, Firefighter, $107,848
SCHULTE, CHRIS, Firefighter, $107,905
STEWART, ANDREW, Firefighter, $102,041
TILLAPAUGH, COLLEEN, Human Resources Manager, $110,380
VANDENDRIES, CRIS, Firefighter, $102,985
VATON, JOHN, Fire Captain, $129,646
WARK, LYNN, Recreation & Culture Manager, $114,793
WHARTON, REID, Fire Captain, $137,553
WILLIS, JAMIE, Firefighter, $110,873
WIPPER, PETER, City Clerk, $114,973