WOSS, B.C. – Western Forest Products (WFP) is resuming logging operations in their Englewood location.

According to an emailed statement from senior director Alex McMillan, WFP hopes to resume harvesting operations in the Englewood location by mid-March.

The company is pursuing every available opportunity to advance the start-up date if at all possible,” McMillan wrote.

The North Island Gazette reported that WFP stopped day-to-day operations for the winter months in November. According to their report, chief forester Shannon Janzen said the four-month winter closure is not unusual because of weather constraints.

A fatal train derailment occurred along the Englewood Railway in April 2017. Right after the incident, WFP stopped railway operations out of respect for the three workers who died and two others injured. WFP fully stopped operations along the railway in November 2017, after which logging trucks were used to transport logs. 

“During this curtailment the company is making every effort to redeploy our employees and resources; we have been successful in accommodating the majority of employees who wanted to work during the curtailment,” McMillan added. 

“Our goal is to minimize the impact of this harvest suspension on employees and the north island communities where they live and work.”