CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – Chad Braithwaite said his heart broke when he first heard about Kaleb’s story.

Braithwaite owns Fitness Etc, which has stores in Campbell River, Courtenay, and Parksville. He said one of his employees showed him a fundraiser for a boy suffering from X-linked myotubular myopathy.

The condition affects muscle movement. People with the condition experience muscle weakness and decreased muscle tone. It only usually affects males.

“After reading it, it’s pretty – it pulls at your heartstrings. Anybody that has kids, especially at that age, at 4-years-old, being told that he’s terminal… I don’t know how you don’t feel anything and don’t try to step up and do something,” Braithwaite said.

The fundraiser is for Kaleb Little. According to the GoFundMe page, his final wish is to go to Disneyland.

Braithwaite offered to buy the airline tickets for Kaleb and his family. He also offered to book the accommodations for them.

“He’s not getting any better. Things are progressing a lot faster than they had hoped.”

“Yes, we came over the top – more than most people would do… I’m more than happy to do it. We pride our stores, all three of them, in giving back to our communities.”

A request for comment has been sent to Kaleb’s family.