PARKSVILLE, B.C. – Mary and Joseph are missing baby Jesus.

The Roman Catholic Church of the Ascension has a nativity scene at the front of the church but it’s missing the baby in the crib.

According to Father Mike Favero, the church’s priest, the baby Jesus went missing between Christmas and New Year’s day.

And Jesus still hasn’t returned.

“Parishioners said he was missing. So then I went out to check, and he wasn’t there,” Father Mike said.

He added they don’t know who took the cutout.

“But we’ve also been told that the Lutheran church just down the road also lost theirs, too.”

“We hope it would be returned, but I doubt that would happen. This has never happened before. We’ve had this scene for a number of years, and this is the first time this has happened.”

Father Mike said they have not reported the theft.

“We’ll just have to either get a whole new set or just try to get the baby cutout itself.”