CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – The City of Campbell River feel the response from the Ministry of Lands, Forests and Natural Resource Operations is not enough.

Minister Doug Donaldson responded to a letter the council sent to the province regarding the Snowden Demonstration Forest and the BC Timber Sales’ (BCTS) plan to move ahead with timber harvesting in the area without a long-range plan.

The letter from Minister Donaldson acknowledged the letter council sent on February 21st, but there was no indication of when a comprehensive forest management plan will be available.

During Monday’s council meeting, Mayor Andy Adams said it’s important to keep in mind that Snowden is significant not just economically, but for recreation and tourism purposes as well.

“I think we really need to hammer home the point that we need that comprehensive forest management plan,” Mayor Adams said.

Councillor Claire Moglove suggested requesting a meeting in Victoria instead of sending another letter, again as the matter is time sensitive.

Amber Zirnhelt, director of long-range planning for the city said that BCTS is actively developing their plan for harvesting next year.

“If a long-range management plan is not put forward before the harvesting plans go forward, there will be some harvesting that is irreversible in the Snowden,” Zirnhelt said during the meeting.

“We don’t have a timeline from the ministry (about a long-range plan). However, we do plan to ask for meetings between our elected officials and the minister to discuss this issue,” Zirnhelt said in an interview with

She said that council will propose to have meetings by the end of March, but it will all depend on Minister Donaldson’s availability, as well as Campbell River’s mayor and council and their representatives.

The newsroom has reached out Minister Donaldson’s office for more details. The ministry’s comments are forthcoming.