CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C – Fire crews were called to Highway 19 on Monday morning after flames engulfed a truck, and spread to nearby bushes on the side of the highway.

Crews were called to Highway 19 just south of Willis Road around 10:15 a.m for a vehicle on fire.

Deputy Fire Chief Kelly Bellefleur said the driver of the truck attempted to put out the fire, but was unsuccessful.

“The driver noticed some smoke in the cabin, pulled over, grabbed his fire extinguisher, and by that point in time there were some flames in the cabin, he had put those out with his extinguisher, or so he had thought,” said Bellefleur.

He added that the fire spread to some nearby bushes, but crews were able to put it out quickly.

“The truck was completely engulfed by the time crews arrived, the crew got on scene and managed to get the fire extinguished, and it had spread to the bushes and some of the grass area around the road, but they managed to get that stopped.”

There was a single occupant of the truck, and he was not injured.