CAMPBELL RIVER, BC – Crews are still fighting the lightning-caused wildfire on Read Island.

However, Coastal Fire Centre media officer Dorthe Jakobsen says the fire is now 70 per cent contained.

The fire is still about 20 hectares big, and 34 firefighters and two helicopters are trying to get it under control.

Jakobsen adds the fire didn’t grow overnight, despite yesterday’s hot and windy conditions. She says they aren’t sure of when crews will be able to fully contain the fire.

The terrain is steep and there is a heavy tree canopy, which is making it difficult for crews to approach and extinguish the fire. The tree canopy is preventing water from getting down to the fire on the ground.

“It’s a really rough ground to work, but the crews are making good progress but it will take some time because it’s patchy and it’s a tricky one,” she said.

“But at least it’s being held. We don’t believe it’s going to grow at all. The crews will be working on mopping that one up, but we’re not sure when.”

The Coastal Fire Centre reported the fire at 34 hectares last weekend but when crews reassessed the area, the fire was only 27 hectares big.