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Update on community mailboxes

Since Canada Post has begun actively working to contact residents next to proposed locations for community mailboxes, the City has received a number of phone calls.

“Council heard at the Mar. 23 meeting, from both Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and we asked a lot of questions because we understand that this change from door-to-door mail delivery to central delivery at community mailboxes has generated a number of concerns,” says acting Mayor Michele Babchuk. “If people have questions, we want them to get the most accurate information possible and speak to the people making the decision about the proposed locations for community mailboxes, so we are issuing a reminder that, if you need more information after a Canada Post representative has been to your door to discuss the proposed location for a community mailbox, the best action to take is to contact Canada Post directly.”

The City would also like to remind people that Canada Post has chosen the proposed locations for the community mailboxes, and that the Canada Post act allows them to place a community mailbox anywhere on public property.

“While the City does not have a role to approve the locations, recently Canada Post provided a list of the proposed locations, and City staff are reviewing these to ensure there are no conflicts with access to underground water, sewer or storm drains,” Babchuk adds. “The City is also providing comments related to transportation concerns such as parking, proximity to intersections and sightline concerns.”

(The City of Campbell River)

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