CAMPBELL RIVER, BC – Several community libraries have been smashed in.

Campbell River’s Noon Hour Rotary Club put up a few of them all over the city, and it seems several of them in the Willow Point area were damaged. 

Robin Hazelaar, the Rotary’s director of public image, says this is the first time the libraries have been damaged. 

She says the idea of the library program is that the Rotary Club puts up one on a participating property. Once the library is put up, the property owners are responsible for maintaining the library. 

“But I think in this situation, I was speaking to one of the members who takes care of the libraries for us they (the Rotary) would, in this type of situation, go and try to help the homeowner out with replacing the glass and that type of thing,” Hazelaar said.

“I suppose if it became a developing problem, we’d have to look at that again.”

Hazelaar says she’s surprised that the incident happened at several locations throughout town. 

“We want community members to want to have the libraries on their property too, and I’m sure they’d prefer not to attract people who might come in there to smash one of their libraries or you know, the possibility of having to take on the repairs.”

She says overall, it’s an unfortunate situation especially because the libraries receive immense support from the community. 

She adds they won’t stop putting up the libraries or limit the project as this is the first time and not a widespread problem yet. 

“Hopefully, they’ll get fixed with the help of the club and that’ll be the end of it.”

Hazelaar says the libraries are made with materials donated by Rotary Club members, businesses, as well as community members.