“I believe this would be the solution to the parking problem in Campbell River.”

That’s what resident Jim Sweet during Monday’s council meeting, when he asked the city to allow parking on curbed boulevards. 

Sweet says that in the area of South McLean Street – among other neighbourhoods in the city – street parking is a problem. 

“With this parking like this, (it) reduces the roadway through our street to one lane,” he said. 

He added he sometimes uses a curbed boulevard to park his trailer. He says using those boulevards will help alleviate street parking and free up the road for actual lane use. 

Sweet also says if vehicles were allowed to use curbed boulevards, cyclists will be safer as there would be more space. 

The matter has been referred to the city’s bylaw department. Staff will then come back with recommendations for the council. 

Currently, the bylaw states that vehicles can’t park on a sidewalk or boulevard where a curb is present, unless the car breaks down or the driver is trying to avoid a traffic conflict.