Campbell River fire crews were called to a fire at the Ramada Hotel earlier this morning.

Fire Chief Thomas Doherty says the fire happened shortly after 10:00am in the laundry room.

“About 10:07am this morning we received a report of a fire in the laundry room at the Ramada Hotel in the 400 block of the Island Highway.”

“Crews arrived and we did find some smoke coming from the three story structure. We were able to make entry and contain the fire to one of the commercial dryers,” said Doherty.

Doherty added that one of the staff members on site used a few of portable fire extinguishers to keep the fire at bay before crews arrived.

Doherty also says the cause of the blaze was likely improper cleaning of some kitchen rags.

“We believe they were laundering some oily rags from the restaurant and we’ve seen this in the past where if the washing process isn’t done at a commercial level with the right temperatures and right detergents some of the oils in the rags don’t get cleaned out and we can have fires in the dryers as a result.”

There were no injuries or damages to the building itself. Only the dryer which contained the fire was damaged.