Dealing with abandoned cars will be easier and a little cheaper for the city. 

During Monday’s meeting, Campbell River’s city council passed an amendment to a Traffic and Highways Bylaw.

Before the amendment, city crews would have to give the owner notice and tow the vehicle to a storage facility, pay the storage fees and once 14 days have passed, they would tow it again to the wrecker’s yard.

Because of storage costs, the city has been storing abandoned vehicles on city property before disposal. 

But with the change, the process is a bit more streamlined.

This means the city will give the abandoned vehicle’s owner a 14-day notice. If they don’t respond, the car will be towed directly to the wrecker’s yard. 

The storage cost is eliminated and will save the city some money, especially if the vehicle has little value and the city has to foot the towing and storage costs for it.