Lorraine Charlie says it’s scary to see a cougar in real life.

She was with her boyfriend and her friend when they saw the big cat walking across the Thrifty Foods parking lot at 4:20am this morning. Charlie and her boyfriend were across the street from Thrifty’s, while her friend was near the store.

She says there was also another person in the area.

“He was a little bit closer (to the cougar) because he was biking by while (the cougar) was walking,” Charlie said. “It didn’t seem to really take interest in all of us. There were four of us but it just walked right past and to the back (of Thrifty’s), probably into the forest.”

Charlie says the cougar was alone and didn’t seem aggressive, but she says it was still a scary experience.

“I was scared for my friend, because he was (across the street) and he was by himself. And the guy where the cougar was walking towards, the biker was just on the sidewalk. I was worried for my friend.”

If residents see a cougar where it can threaten public safety, they are asked to call the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

Cougar by thirfty store my friend caught a video it fucking scary man ! Just about 10 minutes ago go behind Campbell river thrifty foods

Posted by Lorraine Laura Hazel Charlie on Thursday, September 5, 2019