Council has approved increasing the budget for sewer operations in the city. 

The budget amendment was brought up during Monday night’s council meeting. 

Staff submitted that as part of a legal settlement with the We Wai Kum Nation, the city is now liable for property taxation on Lift Station 11, which is on We Wai Kum reserve lands. 

Staff recommended that the 2019 sewer operating budget be increased to $35, 000 to be able to pay for the property tax. 

The city says the site of Lift Station 11 has been under dispute for years, but the issue was only resolved last year. It has been determined that the lift station is subject to the Wei Wai Kum’s self-taxation bylaw.

This means the band will now be able to collect property tax on the lift station.

Part of the city staff’s recommendation is to amend the sewer budget for 2019 to 2028 to accommodate the change. 

The motion was carried and the new budget will be brought back to council on October 21st.