School District 72 says after nearly 40 years it has introduced a new logo.

At its October 15th meeting, the Board of Education unveiled and passed a motion to adopt the new district logo.

It was designed by local First Nations artist, Mulidzas – Curtis Wilson and features a salmon encircling a salmon egg.

Project coordinator and district Communications Officer Jennifer Patrick says “the salmon is an important symbol for the Kwakwaka’wakw Nations and represents dependability and renewal, the importance of family, friendships, and strength in numbers.”

The many different types of salmon represent the diversity of School District 72’s schools.

She also says “the salmon egg in the centre represents children and our future generations. It is encircled by the salmon to symbolize the care, guidance and responsibility the Board of Education and district staff are entrusted with.”

The board tasked Wilson with creating a logo that embraced the natural environment of the area, reflected the strength of our district’s relationship with the Indigenous peoples that reside within this territory and conveyed a sense of belonging for all.

The board decided to redesign the logo back in April and move away from the stylized portrayal of the district’s number ‘72’ as a boy and a girl to better reflect the district’s unique features and locational context.

The district says the new design will be rolled out through a phased adoption, starting with electronic items and gradually replacing stationery, forms, and other items as they run out or need to be updated.