The Campbell River Skating Club has begun preparing for its annual gala coming up on Mar. 7th of next year.

The gala is set to be held at Strathcona Gardens Recreation Complex and will have a special guest in attendance. 

Three-time Olympic medalist and 10-time Canadian National Champion Patrick Chan will be participating alongside CRSC skaters.

Sue Smith, club president, is waiting in anticipation and recalls what inspired the idea of having Chan attend the gala.

“They have had guest skaters in the past years and years ago,” Smith says. “This idea of trying to see if we could arrange for Patrick to come started a year ago after the Vancouver Island Region brought him out for a skater development seminar. He was just so amazing with all of the skaters and he inspired them so much. He was so genuine and amazing that this idea was brought forward, this crazy idea.”

After months of emails and scheduling conflicts, the club managed to make it all work with contracts signed back in August.

Smith says Chan will arrive in Campbell River a day early to prepare for his time on the ice.

“He will do two numbers in our year-end ice show and then will participate in the finale with all of the skaters as well. He’ll be in town for a couple of days because he needs some ice time to practice prior too, so we’re quite looking forward to sharing our beautiful town with him.”

Tickets are being sold for cash only, with the first sale date scheduled for Jan. 25th in the Strathcona Gardens lobby.

For questions or more information regarding ticket sales, the club can be contacted by email at [email protected].