Those on Quadra Island can share their opinions on fire regulations.

The North Quadra Island Open Burning Feedback survey is now available online and it’s going to be mailed out to property owners as well.

In response to a petition from residents, the Strathcona Regional District has been investigating the possibility of creating open burning regulations for those on the northern part of the island.

“This is an opportunity for residents to express their opinions on an important topic that is presently managed by multiple overlapping jurisdictions,” says SRD Electoral Area C Director Jim Abram. “The survey is open to all Quadra Islanders and we hope that enough responses are received to give us a clear direction for the future”.

SRD staff have attended numerous community meetings to assess the support for this proposal and have received mixed feedback.

As there appears to be a variety of opinions, the SRD is running a formal survey for residents and property owners.

It’s goal is to better understand the level of support for the initiative and to investigate costs.

The results of the survey will either give grounds for further investigations of the issue or show there’s not enough interest for the Regional District to continue its efforts.

Surveys need to be submitted by Mar. 27th by mail or online through this website.