Campbell River Mayor Andy Adams is urging you to do your part during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He opened Monday’s council meeting with “an urgent reminder about our shared responsibility in the face of the coronavirus.”

“First, you’ll see far fewer faces in Campbell River City Council Chambers tonight due to the necessity to close facilities and practice social distancing to slow and limit the spread of COVID-19,” Adams said.

“Plain and simple, this is an urgent situation – and we must all act on the precautionary measures as directed by the federal and provincial government. To stay as healthy as possible. To stay home as much as possible. To support each other – and stay connected – as safely as possible.”

He added that council “extends praise and gratitude” to the people who have acted quickly to follow these public health directives.

“And we certainly appreciate the efforts of everyone who is trying to help get the word out about the importance of taking protective action now, for the future benefit of our loved ones and the entire community,” Adams said.

“We recognize that the public health directives to limit in-person contact cause distress and greatly affect community life.”

He recognized that this disrupts people’s connections with family, friends and neighbours. 

“It (also) puts a huge strain on local businesses,” he said.

Adams said that we must all recognize the impact of our actions on our healthcare workers and the ability of local medical services to meet the demand for care: “We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone working on the front lines. So many people are working and volunteering to help us cope and stay strong during this outbreak.”

“To those of you actively helping this way – for the greater good – we applaud you all.”

Adams said that we must all assume that COVID-19 is in our community, and therefore should take all possible precautions.

“To help keep our community healthy and strong, city services are changing as required,” he added.

“This is an evolving situation. We’ve made a lot of changes already, and are still working our way through others.”

He pointed out that although most of the city’s facilities are now closed to the public, where it is safe to do so, city employees continue to provide community services.

Adams said the meeting deals with urgent business in response to COVID-19, including a bylaw amendment “to permit electronic attendance for all members of council at future meetings.”

“We are also actively lobbying the provincial government, and, daily, we receive updates about how they’re working to help support communities in British Columbia,” he said.

He closed by reminding you that this is a time for everyone to pull in the same direction. 

“We must all do our best to help. We must all be responsible. And be kind. Be respectful. Be safe. And be well,” Adams said.

You can find updates on a dedicated page on the city website here.

For general City services questions, we have set up a call centre at 250-286-4033.

You can also email