The Campbell River RCMP is keeping busy.

It responded to 303 files from April 10th to 16th, a 57 per cent increase over service calls for the same period last year. 

Constable Maury Tyre says the growth in calls is not necessarily all criminal activity.

“Over the course of any given day, officers often respond to calls that have very little to do with the criminal code. Sadly, many of these calls are nuisance type calls created by alcohol or drugs.”

However, Tyre says the largest driver for increased call volume is property crime and frauds associated with post property crime.

“Unfortunately, people are still leaving their vehicles unlocked and nefarious creatures find a way into them in the middle of the night and take loose change, wallets, credit cards, iPads, and the list goes on.”

He’s encouraging you to always lock your doors, remove any valuables from your car and store your bike in a safe place.

“We recognize this is a difficult and stressful time for many people,” Tyre adds. “But, these property crimes had been on the rise before COVID-19 self isolation. No matter how hard of time someone is having, for whatever reason, there is no excuse for the actions of the few who choose to flagrantly take from others and do so with little remorse.”

If you have any information regarding crime, get in touch with the Campbell River RCMP at (250) 286-6221.