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Slow down in construction zones: Campbell River RCMP

The Campbell River RCMP is sending out a reminder for drivers to slow down in construction zones.

Constable Maury Tyre says the construction zone from 1st Avenue to Rockland Road on Highway 19A continues to cause “motorists confusion.”

“Many drivers don’t seem to understand that the 30km/h speed zone for construction is not time specific,” Tyre says. “As long as the speed signs are up as the posted speed, that is the speed traffic must flow at, whether it be day or night.”

He says drivers are often speeding up immediately after a flagging checkpoint, not realizing that the speed zone carries through the entire area.

“Typically there will be a sign that says ‘Thank you resume speed’ advising drivers that the construction zone is at an end.”

There are numerous reasons as to why the 30 km/h speed is maintained after hours and on non work days.

“Oftentimes road lanes are narrower, lines have been removed, shoulders are soft or missing, pavement is uneven, and equipment or other obstacles are still in the area,” Tyre says.

Tyre adds that officers will be out patrolling in construction zones.

“Many people are very well meaning motorists that I’ve stopped, but they simply aren’t fully aware of how road rules are applied.”

Minimum fines for speeding in work zones are $196 and points on your licence.

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