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Provincial Health Officer reminding British Columbians that ‘COVID-19 is not over’

In her daily briefing, Dr. Bonnie Henry is reminding us that while cases continue to decrease in B.C, COVID-19 isn’t over yet.

The Provincial Health Officer says it’s important to remember that while we are doing well in British Columbia, other places aren’t so lucky.

“I want everyone to understand that the COVID-19 pandemic around us is far from over. In British Columbia, we continue to have small numbers of cases, but across Canada and around the world it is still a major problem and it’s going to be in our communities around the world for some time now.”

“Just yesterday was the highest single day for new cases globally since this pandemic started, with over 136,000 people being affected, and we know new regions of the world are being affected and when this is in one country we are all connected,” explained Dr. Henry.

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Dr. Henry adds that our goal needs to be to learn to live safely with this virus and to protect ourselves as much as possible.

“To do this we need to be watching closely what is happening globally, what is happening on our own continent and what is happening here in the province. We have to take our measures that we have learned that we continue to need to protect our communities, our families, and our province.”

“We need to continue, without exception to stay away from others and stay home if we are feeling unwell. No matter where you are we need to continue to follow our rules for safe social interactions, that’s smaller numbers, bigger spaces, washing our hands regularly, cleaning our environment, and the added layer of a mask if we are in those situations where we might not be able to maintain our safe distances.”

Ten new cases of COVID-19 were reported in B.C today, bringing the total to 2669.

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No new deaths were reported in the province in the last 24 hours and 86 per cent of those who have had the virus are now fully recovered.

No new cases were reported on Vancouver Island, with the total staying at 130.

So far, over 158,000 COVID-19 tests have been conducted.

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