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Latest modelling shows we are increasing contacts ‘in safe way’

British Columbia’s latest COVID-19 modelling numbers are in.

The models show that B.C. is on the right path to flattening the curve.

The Ministry of Health says these “models show we are increasing our contacts – and doing it in a safe way.” 

“To continue to safely increase our contacts, we need to maintain the measures we have in place and ensure well supported public health teams to efficiently and thoroughly undertake contact tracing across our province,” the ministry added. 

Since Jan. 1st, there have been 131 cases on Vancouver Island.

This includes 59 cases on the North Island, 25 on the Central Island, and 47 on the South Island.

Provincial models suggest that contact rates since mid-May are roughly 65 per cent of normal, which is roughly the threshold for a rebound in new cases.

It adds that, as expected following some re-opening, models suggest that B.C. “is now closer to a threshold where renewed growth of cases could occur.”

“To maintain epidemic control, physical distancing, self-isolation for those who feel sick, and a continued focus on hygiene measures are critical,” the report says.

“Complete contact tracing helps to ensure epidemic control when population level restrictions are relaxed.”

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