A bus crash and a stolen car are highlighting this week’s RCMP update in Campbell River.

This past Monday, October 19th at around 9:45 pm, police were called after a car was struck by a BC Transit Bus on Dogwood Street near Evergreen Road. 

The car turned left in front of the oncoming bus, and Constable Maury Tyre says that the driver of the car suffered minor injuries, “which was amazing considering the size discrepancies between the two vehicles.”

He says the accident is an excellent reminder for drivers to stay very aware when it comes to the constantly changing factors of the road. 

“Oftentimes, we get behind the wheel and we end up on autopilot when we drive common routes, it’s important to shake that feeling and use extra vigilance behind the wheel,” Tyre says.

Meanwhile, police are now looking for a silver 2012 Volkswagen Jetta after it was stolen from its owner’s driveway in the 100 block of Dogwood Street early yesterday morning (Oct. 22nd). 

Tyre adds that the car has a cracked windshield and dents in the trunk, with BC licence plate DV324E. If you see the car around town, call police.

If you wish to report a crime, get in touch with the Campbell River RCMP at (250) 286-6221 or in an emergency call 911.