After months of construction along Highway 19A, the road heading up Rockland Hill is set to reopen next month.

Rockland Road has been blocked off since June between the highway and Galerno Road, as crews continue to tackle the extensive Waterfront Project.

“If you’ve had the opportunity to drive around the roundabout, it is in a condition now that is suitable to open up Rockland from both ends in December,” says city manager Deborah Sargent.

Centre medians have been poured and the new roundabout is almost entirely paved.

Despite the snow the other night, the weather has been cooperative for crews and everything is running on schedule. There are just a few more projects on the highway’s 2020 construction checklist that need to be completed.

As crews just about wrap things up for the year, Mayor Andy Adams says there’s still some work to go.

By the end of December, he says crews should finish up the curbs, sidewalks and first lift of asphalt on the highway’s northbound lane, pave the parking lot at Rockland Road, and put down temporary line-markings.

Drivers are now back to pavement after months of gravel road on the highway, and Adams says most of the asphalt has been put down so Rockland Road can reopen just in time for the new year.

However, he adds that the road will close once again in early spring as the 2021 construction checklist gets underway. This includes installation of underground wires, new parking spaces, removal of overhead wires and poles, final paving, and landscaping to tie it all together.

To keep up to date on the Highway 19A Waterfront Project, click here. You can also reach out to the city directly if you have any questions.