A Port Hardy resident is getting some major recognition.

During their February 23rd meeting, council voted unanimously to nominate Rosaline Glynn to the Order of British Columbia.

Glynn is the president of the Hardy Bay Seniors Citizens’ Society, an organization that supports the well-being of seniors around town.

“Rosaline’s been involved in our community for a number of years. She’s been here forever,” says Mayor Dennis Dugas.

“She’s been involved with that group (Hardy Bay Seniors Citizens’ Society) for a number of years, and she’s also been involved with other groups,” he says. “Obviously, the Women’s Auxiliary Group here in Port Hardy, she’s involved with the North Island Senior’s Housing Foundation, and she’s very active with regards to getting activities involved with the seniors in our area.”

Dugas says there are now over 200 members in the Society, which is “part and parcel” because of Glynn.

That’s why locals feel it’s time she receives her Order of British Columbia.

According to the Province, the Order was established back in 1989 to recognize people who have “served with the greatest distinction and excelled in any field benefiting the people of the province or elsewhere.”

“It’s in recognition of all the hard work she does for our community, and I think it’s very fitting for her to get recognized for that,” says Dugas.

“You have to put your name to even have an opportunity, so let’s get it out there so she has a chance to be recognized. We all recognize what she does in our community, but I think she should be recognized in a more broader sense through this organization.”

As to the next steps, Dugas adds there are certain protocols and a deadline to get the nomination in, “and then they go through the process.”

“I can’t tell you exactly what the date is that we’re supposed to hear, but I hear that it’s supposed to be within the next few months, I’m assuming.”