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Campbell River’s 2022 residential tax hike slightly lowered to 3.13 per cent

Some tax relief for locals. Looking at the city’s 2022 budget, it seems Campbell River’s tax hike won’t be as high as initially anticipated.

Last week, following Nov. 29 to Dec. 1 financial deliberations, our newsroom reported that the city would be ringing in the new year with a tax increase of 3.94 per cent.

However, since that time, Mayor Andy Adams says numbers were moved around, prompting the tax increase to be lowered by 0.81 per cent. 

“During the 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings [on Dec. 7], city council then reduced that amount to a proposed 3.13 per cent, using the new downtown revitalization tax fund to reduce the operating budget,” Adams explains.

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He says that equates to around $37 on a home of an estimated assessed value of $622,000.

“That was an adjustment that council felt was important to make,” Adams says. He calls it the “most palatable” number, considering the lost revenue and additional expenses brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Looking ahead at 2022, city manager Deborah Sargent expects another challenging year, “as COVID-19-related pressures and uncertainties continue.”

“However, the city is in a position to begin building back,” Sargent notes. “This budget focuses on bolstering the stability and resiliency of the 10-year plan so that the city can continue providing the community services, programs and amenities residents need and value.”

The 2022 budget includes “significant investment” in recreation facilities and services, focusing on downtown revitalization and active transportation, and funding for replacing old infrastructure and emergency services equipment.

Find more details in our previous story.

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