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Over 1,500 animals up for adoption at BC SPCA

The BC SPCA says adoption rates have dropped for the first time since the pandemic began, leading to many more animals being up for adoption.

Communications manager Lorie Chortyk says this summer has seen an abrupt slowdown in adoptions, something that was different at the beginning of the pandemic when people were looking for animal companionship.

“When a puppy came into our care, we would have multiple applications – sometimes up to 100 – within 24 hours,” said Chortyk. “People were very keen to adopt, and this interest in adoption has remained strong until now.”

Chortyk adds they usually see an influx in animals, such as kittens, during the summer months. However, the dropped adoption rate is affecting the number of puppies and others in their care.

“We currently have more than 1,500 animals in our care – about 700 in our shelters and the rest in volunteer foster homes,” says Chortyk. “During the summer we always have a huge influx of kittens needing homes, but this year we have so many other animals awaiting their forever homes as well.”

Despite this, Chortyk says they did not see the significant increase in surrendered animals experienced by other shelters in Canada.

“We always have a lot of animals coming into our care on a daily basis through cruelty investigations, animal abandonment or strays who go unclaimed,” she says. “Our goal is always to find a wonderful home for these animals as quickly as possible.”

Different animals are also up for adoption according to the BC SPCA, including 110 rabbits. They say this is more than twice the number they had last year.

BC SPCA says they have adopted out more than 5,000 animals so far this year.

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